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The tale of the Dragić family’s vineyards begins way before all the stories and peoples surfaced, back when the Pannonian Sea rose and fell where now grapevines grow. The sea left behind sandy soils for the human civilization to emerge and grow. From Vinča culture through antiquity many tribes lived there or just passed through, leaving their traces and giving rise to future nations – Pannonians, Celts, Sarmatians and Iazyges, Goths, Dacians, Avar and Hun warriors on horseback, and with them also the Slavs, who came here to grow the roots of their future and our past. Byzantium and Rome met at this crossroads. The East and the West locked in a knot here, and from their distant lands many nations came, writing a history much greater than a piece of land where they sought happiness and their place under the sun. The sun under which our grapes now ripen.


It was under that piece of sky that the Dragić family leased their first vineyard. Then they bought it and enlarged it, not only because of the grapes it gave them, but also because it raised their three sons, making them strong and hardworking people. They would all get up before dawn and go on to work, guard and nurture. Love and time gave birth to the first wines.


The family grew just like the vineyards. New generations arrived, growing up with the love for the land and the vine. Thus, in 1972, the Dragić winery was founded. The Dragić family continue to this very day to share with others their passion for good and quality wines made in the palm of this fertile plain.


The secret of excellence and exceptionality of the Dragić family wines lies in the generosity of Mother Nature, in the abundance with which she especially endowed the plain of the Central Banat winegrowing land, where our vineyards thrive. Carefully selected varieties produce grapes that are made into wines with specific character traits, distinguishing the fruits of lowland vineyards.

The sandy soils, the wind rose, warm days with long sunshine hours and cold nights, they all give a special facet to the abundant and healthy harvest. And there is everything that, given effort, care and knowledge, is needed for absolutely unique wines.

Still, what gives the best taste to our wines is – love.

That is why we are inviting you to taste the wines we make, to share and prove together with you the saying that wine opens the heart gates. Come enjoy and feel the love that has lasted for thousands of years.