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He had it all. From the first buds, only boding the future leaves, to the fragrance of the sun in a grape, dust on the road, capricious sprays of rain, stars and birds, to the beauty of unwanted weeds, winds coming from all sides of the world, silence and a view of the distant line where flatland met the sky. All of that, and a lot more than all of that, he guarded in the way dictated by the old forgotten word describing his title. He was a pudar, vineyardist; his job was to chase off everything that might cause any harm to the vineyard entrusted to his love. He guarded the vineyard just like he guarded everything else around, below, and above it; every cluster of grapes and every leaf, every slender green curl that the vine extended like a finger. He guarded it all like the apple of his eye, and never thought that it was not his. Because even though it was not his, he had it all.

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Exudes the fragrance of blackberies and blueberies, with tones of spice-plants.

Show its best when served with wheel roasted under sač, beef-steak with black fruits sauce or beef-stew (pörkölt).

Serve in Bordeaux glass at 16-18 ºC

Not available